Researchers Nienke Boesveldt and Emmely van Dijk will speak at the Housing First Partners Conference in Seattle (WA) March 2020

In March our researchers Nienke Boesveldt and Emmely van Dijk will speak at the biannual Housing First Conference in Seattle.
During the conference various presentations, workshops and interviews will be heald with providers, researchers, policy makers and people with lived experience that are concerned with ending homelessness through Housing First. During these 4 days best-practices and knowledge will be shared about successful implementation and execution of Housing First to fuel empowerment, health and recovery of prior-homeless persons.

Based on her master thesis on Housing First in different country contexts Emmely – together with Nienke – will give a presentation on the influence of interpretations of the implementation of HF in different country contexts in Europe. She will show how different presumptions and ideas about the participants of Housing First will have a big impact on the execution and the effect of Housing First on its clients.

Want to know more about this research and the conference?

  • Registrations for the conference can be done here
  • An article based on Emmely’s research will soon be available here.