The principal researcher of this researchproject, Dr. Nienke Boesveldt, works as part of the Political Sociology program group at the University of Amsterdam.

In addition to large-scale empirical research in various Dutch municipalities and regions, Dr Nienke Boesveldt and her team are working on the publication of various scientific papers based on the data collected within the various research researchprojects.

Overview of refereed academic output


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  • Boesveldt, N. F. (2019). Denying homeless persons access to municipal support. International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare12(3), 179-191.
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  • Boesveldt, N. F. (2018). Aanpak dakloosheid: Finland heeft de weg gevonden. Sociaal Bestek2018(5), 36-38.


  • Boesveldt, N. F., Van Montfort, A. J. G. M., & Boutelier, J. C. J. (2017). The Efficacy of Local Governance Arrangements in Relation to Homelessness. Public Organization Review


  • Boesveldt, N. F. (2016). Nienke Boesveldt’s response to Joe Doherty’s review of her thesis ‘Planet Homeless. Governance arrangements in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Glasgow’. European Journal of Homelessness10(1), 143-147.


  • Boesveldt, N. F. (2015). Planet Homeless: Governance arrangements in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Glasgow. Eleven international publishing.
  • Boesveldt, N. F. (2015). A Set of Indicators to Compare Local Governance Arrangements on Homelessness. Methodological Review of Applied Research2(2), 26-47.


  • van Nijnatten, C., Boesveldt, N., Schilperoord, A., & Mass, M. (2001). The construction of Parental Authority and Co-operation in Reports to the Dutch Court. International Journal of the Sociology of Law29(3), 237-252.

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