Regions under study

The map shows the Dutch regions that participate or have participated in our studies over the last few years.

Prospective research (five year annual studies)
Currently seven Dutch regions (consisting of various bigger and smaller municipalities) participate in the prospective five year long research on Dutch extramural care and decentralization. Participating regions are:

  • The region of Zuid-Kennemerland, IJmond and Haarlemmermeer
  • The region of Meierij and Bommelerwaard
  • The region of Waterland
  • The region of Gooi and Vechtstreek
  • The region of the Hague
  • The region of Rijnstreek
  • The regioin of Utrecht (specialization on recurrent homelessness)

Additional research project
Alongside the prospective research, the research team is involved in researching various innovative interventions and research context related to homelessness, social welfare, sheltered housing and sofa surfing in the Dutch context:

  • Research into longterm undocumented elderly in the Netherlands
  • Research into the experiences of residents in new mixed living arrangement for former homeless persons in Utrecht (Living Lab)
  • Research into social network activation and resource groups for young sofa surfers in Rotterdam
  • Research into various actionprogramms and intervations for young homeless adults in the Hague
  • Researchcollaboration with Dutch consultency agencies on clientparticipation in policymaking on mental health care of health insurers in three regions in the Netherlands

Currently all of these reports are written in Dutch as they aim to provide municipalities, NGOs and housing corporations with outcomes and advice to improve local policy making.
Meanwhile the researchteam works on various academic papers on the outcomes of these research projects and the peer-to-peer research method. When finished, they will be published on this website.

Questions about these projects or academic output? Please contact us by mailing to: or