Participating regions and municipalities in the Netherlands

Currently seven Dutch regions (clusters of Dutch municipalities) are partaking in our five year prospective research on extramuralisation and decentralization of social relief and sheltered housing in ther Netherlands.

  • 1. Waterland region
  • 2. Region of Zuid-Kennermerland, IJmond and Haarlemmermeer
  • 3. Gooi- en Vechtstreek
  • 4. Rijnstreek region
  • 5.The Hague region
  • 6. Utrecht region
  • 7. Meierij region

Other research activites
Apart from research on extramualisation and decentralization, our team is cooperating in several related studies on homelessness and deprivation, namely:

  • A cooperative researchproject on longterm undocumented elderly in the Netherlands
  • Intervention on client participation and representation at health insurers of patients receiving mental health care in three regions in the Netherlands
  • Research on resource group interventions for young sofa surfers in Rotterdam
  • Research on recovery of clients moving into clustered housing projects with a Housing First-principle in Utrecht
  • Research on a variety of policy interventions for young homeless people in the Hague

Currently our research reports are all written in Dutch. Interested in our academic outputs? See: or send an email to for more information on recent peer reviewed articles.