Share your story and receive a € 10 voucher!

Do you make use of social relief or sheltered housing? Or have you used this before and do you receive outpatient care? Then we would like to invite you for an interview!

The University of Amsterdam conducts research into experiences with regard to living, assistance offered and living independently again after a stay in a facility. For this research, we are looking for people who want to share their experiences about the implementation of municipal policy. In the end, we hope to gain a better insight into what is going well or what can be done better. To find out the client’s perspective as well as possible, experience experts have been trained together with researchers to conduct interviews (maximum 1 hour). Your story will be processed anonymously.

So, do you want to share your experiences, contribute to this research and receive the voucher? Please contact us by emailing
Or call: 0638075054 Thanks in advance!