You are invited to participate in long-term research among Dutch municipalities into the de-institutionalization and regionalization of clients of Social Relief and/ or Protected Housing.

The research has a duration of five years, is paid by municipalities and can count on the support of a support group that includes various providers, insurers and clients. De-institutionalization relates to living independently (again), and regionalization refers to the increased responsibility for smaller municipalities. The clients’ target group is broad and refers to the municipal target groups for social relief and protected living. We are interested in explaining the outcomes of de-institutionalization and regionalization at client level, based on research into political-administrative processes. For this research, interviews are held with involved Social Support Act professionals, policy makers, aldermen, housing associations, clinical mental healthcare, police and clients. The results of this research are shared as much as possible in an anonymous form, in order to contribute to better policy and the results thereof in municipalities.