The University of Amsterdam encourages municipalities to take part in researching into the ‘ambulantisering’ (a Dutch extramural care policy) and decentralization of clients in social welfare and sheltered housing. The research provides your municipality with administrative advice and explanations from different perspectives, stressing the one from the client. Amongst others, social support acts, policymakers, housing companies, mental health care (GGZ) and the police are being interviewed annually. During recurring give-and-take meetings, municipalities will be taken into consideration in their interim results. The study has a running time of five years and can count on the support of municipalities, suppliers, insurers and clients.

One of the ways in which knowledge about the local practices concerning extramuralizations and decentralisation of social relief and sheltered housing is diffused is by means of an executive programme for Dutch professionals in social welfare and sheltered housing. During multiple sessions Dr. Nienke Boesveldt and Michel van Hees (process manager for Dutch municipalities and health organisations) share academic findings and local best practices.

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